Affordable SEO Services and More with Approved Fans

We at Approved Fans live and work through our core values, supporting the growing businesses up to the big companies. Our Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services get your website to shine and maintain its relevance in Google search results, so you reach your target market and increase sales. Not only that, we use “white hat” strategies unlike any other agencies. That simply means not using dubious optimization efforts and abiding by the latest algorithm updates by Google, such as Penguin and Panda. Simply put, no spamming, keyword stuffing, and cloaking. Approved Fans is an SEO company obsessed with getting your website out there, and making sure our efforts are sustainable.

Finding affordable SEO services is not a stand alone ingredient to a reputable website, though it’s a great factor in your web success. Since it’s the social media era, we maximize your business potential through that, using the biggest online social properties today: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We, also provide social media optimization for YouTube, Pinterest, Blogger and many more. We can set up and optimize your accounts in all these networks. It is essential to build brand awareness and be up close and more personal with your target market. Social media optimization with Approved Fans does exactly that.

Aside from effective Google SEO combined with efforts in your social media, creating local buzz for your business should also be considered. We will help you reach your local target market through reviews, check-ins, and promos. These make your products and services more personal, your target market narrowed and direct. Word of mouth is still on top of the best advertising techniques there is and we make use of that. However, this should go hand in hand with reputation management. No matter how much effort we put into keeping your name positive, there comes a point when we cannot avoid negative reviews. Online reputation management ensures that the good beats the bad — essential to keep customers’ trust and loyalty. Through social media marketing, Google SEO, creating local buzz and reputation management, your website and services gets passed on from person to person positively, creating traffic, then leads, and sales.

All mentioned above need one more very important factor: the website itself. We create website that not only catches the customer’s’ attention, but rather keeps them scrolling from one page to another. It is crucial for one to not hit on the back button once they get to your landing page which only happens with intelligent web design and high quality content that loads perfectly with any browser and device. Studies show that 72% of smartphone owners made a purchase from their tablet-based local search. So hand in hand with you, we work to create a mobile responsive site that maximizes your website’s reach and would keep the customers coming.

We believe that the only difference between you and your competition is your influence. So even if you’re an underdog in the field, you can get to the top with the right means and the right SEO company to work with. Your time and money matters, so rest assured both are never wasted here. Affordable SEO services with sustainable results, that’s an Approved Fans guarantee.