Cross-channel optimization is the using the combination of different channels such as the SEM (search engine marketing), the SEO (search engine optimization), and the PLA (product listing ads) to reach a maximum visualization and maximum involvement resulting to a bigger and better ROI (return of investment).

Although a bit complicated, it is not impossible to do. Here is a simplified list of the tools needed for your cross-channel optimization.

We can not get started without the following tools. These tools are not at all hard to acquire because they are very easy to generate.

  • List of keywords

Having a list of keywords even before starting is something you would want to do to make sure you are prepared and ready to go once you start focusing on cross-channel optimization. Here are a few ways to measure and generate your keywords

    • Top volume search

This refers to the number or volume of searches with a certain keyword. Generating similar keywords could really be helpful.

    • Top impression volume

This refers to the possibility or a point where an ad will be displayed to a visitor or displayed once on a webpage.

    • Top sales drivers

This refers to the likeliness of an ad leading to a sale.

  1. SERP (search engine results page) layout for each keyword

This is a list of possible layouts which always breeds different results. You do not have to pick one right away as you are able to gather your needed data for your decision through a period of time.

    1. PLA (product listing ads) comes first, Organic or SEM (search engine marketing) comes next in any order.
    2. Organic comes first, PLA (product listing ads) in the middle, and SEM (search engine marketing) at the bottom
    3. SEM (search engine marketing) comes first, PLA (product listing ads) in the middle, and organic at the bottom
  • Organic layout

When it comes to organic layout, you may be wondering, what comes first? Well, here are a few sectors that may appear above others.

    • Video appears first for every video-related searches made

Making perfect sense, having a video appear first for every video-related search makes visitors happy by handing them what they are looking for instead of having them have to go through the effort of locating it somewhere else in the page.

    • Local/map display appears first for localized searches

For localized searches, handing them a good local/map display is also giving them what they want and will increase a visitor’s chance of coming back therefore making them an indirect subscriber.

    • Traditional organic text listings are displayed at the top of the SERP (search engine results page)

Although traditional, it is actually expected that organic text listings are displayed at the top of the SERP (search engine results page) as to cause no confusion.

Although a bit complicated at first, gathering these tools can really help you reach your goal of maximum visibility and maximum involvement leading to the maximum ROI (return of investment).