Creating good content is already hard enough, how much more creating great content on a regular basis? Keeping your consistency with the quality of your content can be a challenging task but with the help of these 4 tips, you might just be able to have a systematic way of producing quality content at a consistent rate.

Before we get started, let us acknowledge the importance of the SEO (search engine optimization) as this plays a major role in online marketing. Having great content is not enough but you should also give importance on how easy it should be to find your content. Keeping the quality and visibility at a high position is something very possible to do with the right techniques.

Here are 4 tips that will help you generate more organic traffic:

  • Plan Ahead

When we say plan ahead, this does not just mean planning for one specific post but planning for the week, month, or even the whole year ahead. Having a solid plan helps you keep your consistency by saving you the trouble of having to think of something new every time you are to post something. Have a thorough plan and also give your plan a few backup material which can be used should something happen to your plan. As for an example, if you find your material irrelevant at a time, at least you have backup material which you can choose to work on.

  • Batch Production Procedure

Having a procedure helps you by saving you from creating something that is not in harmony with your other work.

    • Outline

An outline should be present so that you will have something to follow and won’t have to waste your time by creating an outline again and again and again.

    • Produce

Once you have your outline, insert what you produce into your outline. That easy, fill in the outline with whatever material you have on to write or share.

    • Edit

Do not forget to edit! Some people leave their product raw and for some people, it is a bit hard and unappealing to digest. Editing makes all the information easier to swallow and of course more attractive.

This does not have to always be in uniform but you should have some solid procedure to help you save time and focus on the content.

  • Collaborate

From interviews to quotes, be creative. Your content should not always come from you as to save yourself from drying up the juicy ideas in your brain. Do not be afraid to ask or use the opinions of other people with permission of course. Doing collaborations improve the personality of the website by making your audience feel like they are not the only ones involved.

  • Repackage

Sometimes we can not help but run out of content. This is okay because even if we have the same story, if we are able to repackage and retell the story property, the story will still be interesting. An example of this is turning your material into a video or add infographics or totally change the structure of the same content.