Selling your SEO services 1 may be a bit hard at first once you get the hang of it, getting clients will not be a problem anymore. Being skilled in your SEO services is automatically expected as we all know that quality sells itself.

Although a bit puzzling at first, there are a few things you can learn that can help you sell your SEO services in no time!

How do you sell SEO?

Selling SEO services can actually be quite simple. Although it may puzzle you at first, the answer is actually very simple, you need to educate your client.

Unlike other services, SEO service is something that is not widely known but is still very advantageous nonetheless.

  • Relate to your client

Relating to your client is knowing how you may be able to insert your SEO services to make your client’s website more sellable and more attractive and basically more optimized. Knowing what your client does is the first step because you need to be able to relate to your client. Once you are able to relate to your client, selling your SEO services will become easier for you to do.

  • Express the need

This is where you need to educate your client. On a client’s mind, I have not heard of the need, the need does not exist. Explain to them how companies that are using SEO and it has been improving their company and therefore showing them the need to compete. Using compare and contrast, you will be able to explain the difference between having an SEO and without an SEO.

  • Explain the advantage

The advantage has to be the most attractive part. Although it is tempting, do not give false promises especially if your client’s expectations are high. Simply explain to them what you can do and how your SEO services will help their company grow.

Have Transparency

Transparency is the key to a good client relationship. Getting close with your client will allow you to learn how you are to function when providing them with your SEO services.

  • Know the company

Discuss thoroughly the company your client wants you to handle. Some SEO service providers think that they can handle any kind of company but later on regret making that decision because of how complicated the client’s company may be. Learn beforehand what the company is about, how it functions, and basically everything there is to know about the company.

  • Know the client

Knowing the client is a very big plus point for any type of business transaction. Being able to know the client allows you to adjust to their personality and function accordingly. Trust me, the personality of the client may dictate their expectations and it is better to know beforehand what they may be.

  • Know the expectation

The client’s expectations matter a lot because this is what can either make or break your relationship. Discuss beforehand the goals and make realistic targets that can measure your success. Do not forget to make backups based on your client’s expectations should they not be met.