As discussed in part 1 of this article, selling your SEO services may be a little hard at first but with a few tips, you will be able to sell your SEO services in no time!

SEO services, unlike other physical objects, are a bit hard to sell because for one, people do not even know what they are.

The key to selling your SEO services can be found in three things:

  • Quality

Quality will always come first when it comes to selling your SEO services because no matter how good your selling skills are or your knowledge about SEO is, you will end up losing your clients in the long run by not being able to meet their standard and might end up ruining some business relationships that could really ruin your reputation.

  • Knowledge

Knowledge is power! The more you know about SEO, the more you are able to explain and thus able to sell. Knowing about SEO is something you must be very confident of. Knowing the FAQs when it comes to SEO services could prove very useful as you are able as you will be able to answer your client’s questions with no problem at all. Confidence is also developed in knowledge!

  • Selling Skills

Although you may want to focus directly on your SEO skills, you also have to focus on your selling skills, knowing how to sell is the most basic skill in business which you need to know should you wish to succeed in your SEO career.

The following were discussed in part 1 of this article:

How do you sell SEO?

  1. Relate to your client
  2. Express the need
  3. Explain the advantage

Have Transparency

  1. Know the company
  2. Know the client
  3. Know the expectation

Moving on to the next part, let us try to pretend that we are explaining to a client about SEO, you probably know enough already to feed your client with the sufficient knowledge they would need to know about SEO but let us take a look at this platform as it might rake in better results.

How SEO Works

  • New websites

New websites are a bit easier to explain as your comparison is to nothing. Since you are comparing your work to nothing, almost everything you say will become more attractive as there is no level of comparison.

The problem with new websites is since the client are new to the whole SEO service, they might think that they do not need it because they themselves might not even know what they are doing. Explaining to them how website functions also help you introduce them and bring out their interest of your SEO services.

  • Existing websites

Existing websites deal mostly with a more knowledgeable client. The more than your client is good but the key is to not compete, you have to know something different, and since you are selling your SEO services, your services itself is something different!

  • Existing websites that need redesign

Clients who want their websites redesigned are most likely to want an SEO service. Maybe the reason why they admit that they need a redesign is that their last design was not effective. Showing them the benefits of your SEO services can most likely catch their attention and their interest. Who knows, maybe even after the first discussion, you might have your first client!