Price extensions place a massive importance in today’s industry. Aside from the product’s value and quantity, the price is also one of the most important, if not the most important, factor for consumers. Whether in physical stores or in the online world, customers always check the price tag before buying the product.

So if you’re a consumer who loves to shop, read this article to learn the advantages of price extensions and why you should use them.

Before we begin, here’s how it price extensions work.

Let’s say you own a nail salon. You could add more generic price extensions for “Nail Polish,” “Pedicure,” and “Beauty Tools” to campaigns with more general keywords. Or you could add extensions to your target market and groups. Your “Nail Polish” ad group might include extensions like: “Glitter,”  “Nail Art,” “Nail color + Cleaning” and “Nail Lacquer.” Extensions let you give people a sense of the breadth of the range of what your business offers.

The importance of price extensions is impeccable. They provide a bigger showcase for services and range of products. Price extensions display business’s offerings in detail and help patrons find what they are looking for more quickly though ads. They make ads better, and people like them. Accessibility is the key here and price extensions provide exactly that.

So here are 3 advantages of using price extensions.

  1. Easy but powerful

Price extensions are very easy to use. Again, accessibility is the key. Price extensions can be updated easily. You can change your item names and descriptions whenever you want and wherever, keeping the items up-to-date for sales and special offers. Price extensions can also be edited without even the need to resettle the performance statistics. Two other features of price extensions are that it’s flexible and easily customizable. Adding price extensions to an account, campaign, or ad group can be done with no sweat. These can also be done depending on which ads you want them to show with or appear in. You can also specify the dates, days of the week, or times of day your price extensions are eligible to show.

For example, when you’re in a business of promoting events, it is important to be kept up-to-date because the value of scheduling is very clear. Let’s say an artist, Ed Sheeran, for example, is doing a one-day concert in the Philippines this year. Because of that, price extensions needs to be updated so that the concert will be promoted several times prior to the event.

Price extensions are especially helpful for those whose businesses involve selling of seasonal products. By this, scheduling your extensions will keep the items fresh and relevant for the season. Consumers would also be aware that your products are the latest and new.

  1. Specific and appealing

When people click or tap a specific item on your price menu, they go directly to it on your site. Each product within the price extension has its own landing page which allows users to access product pages directly – helping increase the conversion rate. What’s more is that price extensions are very specific. From the product’s brand to currency, to price, to the description, everything that a purchaser needs to know before buying a product is already provided for in the page.

Generally, price extensions allow you to highlight the price with a header and description of the product/service. These extensions provide you with the opportunity to present various options that searchers can click and land on the product page which will hopefully lead to a conversion if that page meets the expectation of the advert.

  1. It’s fun

Scrolling though the page to see what you have to offer is fun and easy. Who wouldn’t like scrolling through a bunch of items and see what’s perfect for you. Not only that, but price extensions are very clickable.

There is also a recent update to the format of price extensions. Even if the visitor does not click on your ad, they will still know what you are offering and at what price. Thus, even if they’re not looking for your product, they might still stumble upon your ads and who knows, maybe they’ll even buy them. This update helps raise brand awareness and also helping the user to make price comparisons. Whilst this may not result in a click through to your website from the ad, hopefully, it may lead to a future click.

I believe those price extensions will be the future of buying and selling. As long as you have prices to advertise, you should implement them in your account. More extensions are always a good idea, in order to provide more opportunities to surface useful information to shoppers. So what are you waiting for?